Running in the cold will freeze your lungs.


Unless you live near any penguins. In which case don’t listen to me.

Non-running folk  Sad people say some pretty funny things sometimes. More often than not on this blog you will find me raving hysterically about how much I love to run. We runners could talk about it all day. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to carry on a conversation with the other kind. It’s best to be ready for such an encounter. Here are some common funny things you can prepare to hear from your non-running friends:

1. You’re going to ruin your knees. 

eye roll

2. How far was your marathon?


We don’t put in months and months of training to run a 5k “marathon.” For any non runners reading, any distance labeled a “marathon” is 26.2 miles. Always. Unless it’s a margarita marathon. In which case I’m in.

3. Isn’t it unhealthy to run so much?

No, sitting on the couch licking cheeto powder off your fingers is unhealthy. But delicious.

4. It’s too cold to run! 


Not really.

5. It’s too hot to run! 

Also, no. But you don’t want a sweaty summer run picture of me on the first post. You’re not ready for that.

6. I only run if someone’s chasing me. 


I’m hoping all this running will help me be prepared for this chase. Or the zombie apocalypse. Or the ice cream truck.

7. Did you win?

Not yet! 🙂

What funny running misconceptions have you heard lately?

Feel free to introduce yourself and help me get to know you!




9 thoughts on “Running in the cold will freeze your lungs.

  1. I miss you Emily!!! Love that your fun loving silly self comes through in your posts! I am not a runner, but have a daughter that loves it, and I envy her dedication, and yours!!


  2. Hi, I just discovered your blog on the Community post and as a fellow runner I am now following you. I visited the Black Hills about 10 years ago as a tourist and it must be wonderful to live there! The least favourite thing I’ve been told by non runners was “you can’t run today, it’s wet” but living in England it was always wet and also the best time to run!


  3. I found your site on the community pool and am glad I did.

    Every time a famous runner dies, my family points it out to me, saying, “Did you hear about that marathon runner who dropped dead from a heart attack? See, running causes heart attacks.”
    “Exercise didn’t help him.”
    Really? Because people who don’t run or exercise, don’t have heart attacks?

    Then there is always the, “Wow, you are really dedicated.”
    No I’m not. I just love to run. Non-runners can’t seem to wrap their heads around that one.


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