A few weekend things

Lots of fun happenings this weekend: no work and all play!

Friday night Sam and I partied really hard.


Has anyone played this game? We went to some friends’ house to play it Saturday night. I thought it wasn’t my kind of game at all, but I’ll be darned if I’m not wanting to play it again!

Sunday morning was church and groceries,then dinner prep. We decided to try out Scott Jurek’s Minnesota Winter Chili, since we both finished his awesome book, Eat and Run. The book tells all about his journey to becoming an ultrarunner, and includes fantastic healthy recipes that are great for runners.

eat and run

Chose to use the slow cooker, so we could come back from our long freezing run to some hot chili. This recipe has TONS of colorful veggies!


Once dinner was in the slow cooker, we ventured out to find a runnable trail. It was about 5 degrees and snowing, but the views and company made it worth the drive and the bright red cheeks. Such a winter wonderland!


We ended up with 6 breathtaking miles.


And headed home for some yummy chili! I think chili is one of my favorite post-run meals.


Perfect end to a wintry day!

What’s your favorite time of year to run? Summer for me!

Do you have a favorite post long run meal? Chili 🙂



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