Running Goals for 2015

Happy Happy Saturday!


Started our yesterday morning with a FREEZING sunrise run. At a 9:13 pace, It actually was one of my faster 3 mile times, at probably because it was so cold I just wanted to get back home as quickly as possible.

2014 was a year of changes. I moved back to my hometown, switched jobs, got married, and ran my first full marathon.


I am actually hoping that 2015 is slightly less eventful stressful and more fun. I took forever figuring out what I want 2015 to look like, and ended up with a list of running, spiritual, and personal goals.



Running Goals for 2015: 

1. Run the Mickelson Trail Marathon (Deadwood, SD: June 7)

2. Run a half marathon with my awesome-sauce sister.

3. Run the Mankato Marathon (Mankato, MN: October 18)

4. Run 27 miles on my 27th birthday. Hopefully starting a new birthday tradition.

I’m considering tattooing these goals on my forehead so I cannot forget about them. But then my 2016 goal would have to be face tattoo removal, and so I guess I’ll just ask jake to remind me of my goals everyday. I think she can handle the responsibility.



Do you run outside or inside? Why?

What are your goals for 2015?

Have a good weekend!



5 thoughts on “Running Goals for 2015

  1. Once im completely(ish) free from work in a week or so Im definately hoping to start again! Im a real ‘noobie’ though when it comes to running… Think I was doing roughly 2 and a half miles ish a month ago.

    Any tips on ways to increase the mileage? Albeit at not too much of a frightening pace 🙂


    • I think the best tip is to start slowly! So many new runners try to either run too far or run too fast right away. Only increase your mileage about 10% per week and listen to your body! Feel free to ask any more specific questions! 🙂


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