How to not die in the cold and the Broncos lost.

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a relaxing and fun weekend!

I may be one of the few people on earth who actually likes Mondays. Could it be because I don’t work on Mondays? Nothing better than a day off with cinnamon bread, coffee, and the cat.


Yesterday was busy, relaxing, exciting, and disappointing. First, I have to show you what I wore to church. I have a deep, unhealthy love of thrift stores, and almost everything I wore was purchased at one of my favorite thrift stores in Minneapolis. Score, score score. The mug I’m holding says “Mrs.” and was a wedding gift from one of my Kindergarteners last year. LOVE it.


After church we flew home to get a run in before football. 7 ice cold miles and 9:45 pace. Felt super strong and could’ve kept going. Feels so good to almost knee pain-free and picking up the pace a little. Must have been colder than I thought because my legs were beet red when i got home. 10 degrees still warrants two layers. Noted.


After the run, we headed to some friends’ house to watch the Packers win. Sam bleeds green and gold so it was a successful day for him. Then we proceeded to my moms to watch the Broncos end their season on a low note. I’m a diehard Broncos fan, so I’m glad I got my stress relieving run in before the game.

Having grown up in South Dakota and spent many years in Minnesota, I feel like I’m obligated to share with you some cold weather running tips. With the right gear and attitude, winter runs don’t have to be that life-sucking.



How to not die in the cold:

1. Don’t overdress: Believe it or not, it’s really easy to overdress and end up super sweaty. Dress for 15 degrees warmer than the actual temperature, since you’ll be running and your body will warm up. When you walk out the door, you should feel chilly. If you feel warm, you’ll be uncomfortably warm after the first mile.

2. Shorten your stride: Running on ice and snow can increase your chances of slipping and ending up injured. Be sure to keep your feet right under you when you run. Long strides make it harder to keep control if you do hit a patch of ice.

3. Moisturize and cover your face: I can handle when my legs or arms are a bit chilled, but it’s horribly uncomfortable when your cheeks, nose, and lips are stinging.

I always put on chapstick/vasoline and a deep moisturizing face lotion on before I go on a winter run. I like this one.

Find a way to cover your face. I really like my Buff neck warmer because it can be worn in a million different ways. If i end up not needing it for my face, it can always just be around my neck. They come in so many different colors and styles, too. I have this one and it can be worn in these ways:



4.Change into warm, dry clothes as soon as possible: Your body temp drops significantly post-run, and it’s easy to get very chilly very quickly.

Off to grocery shop and get working on meals for the week! Happy running everyone!


What is your favorite piece of running gear? (Buff!)

What is the average temperature this time of year where you run? (Probably about 10 degrees Farenheit, but often colder.)



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