New shoes and someone please buy me this.

MY NEW SHOES CAME. No matter how many pairs of running shoes I buy, I always get overly excited about a new pair. What will they feel like? How will they handle the long run? Will I be running on clouds? I dream about this like some ladies dream of their wedding day.

Are you ready? Drum roll please……


The new Brooks Cascadia 10s! Thank you Brooks for hooking me up! And the best part: They’re purple. Winning. Can’t wait to take them for a test drive this week- review will be coming shortly. (Jake can’t resist a photo-op)

Rewind to this morning. Our 3 miler started like this:


and ended like this:


At least we got a little bit of the sunrise in before our run was over. I’ll be honest here. I do love winter running, and it makes me feel like Elsa just a little. But I’m ready for some running shorts and long runs in the DAYLIGHT. They say the daylight is getting longer by 2 minutes every day, but it doesn’t seem like it.

Speaking of Elsa, I’m pretty sure every runner can relate.



Work was rad today for two reasons.

1. New shoes.

2. This.


This firecracker chicken recipe from Chungah at Damndelicious is to drop over dead for. Salty, spicy, sweet. I added pineapple, broccoli, and water chestnuts and served over lo men noodles. You could really add any veggies you wanted and serve over rice, too.

Finally, and most importantly, someone please buy me this.



I love the look of the bracelet over the band like that. Run far has been one of my running mantras for a long time. When the long run gets tough, it’s a quick phrase I can say over and over to remind myself that I can keep going. Some other favorite running mantras of mine are:

1. “Relentless, forward motion”

2. “I can do hard things.” Thank you Janae for this one!

3.”Trust your training.”

4. “I am thankful.”

5. ” __ more miles til margaritas!”

6. “This is what you came for.” -Scott Jurek


1. When you get “rungry,” what do you crave? (I crave potato chips, pineapple, chicken bacon ranch wraps, margaritas, grape juice, fries…..)

2. What’s your favorite running mantra? (Run Far. )

Have a good night!



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