Thursday Favorites #1

It’s Thursday already! Can’t believe how quickly this week has gone by! It’s been a different kind of week for me, with Sam being out of town quite a bit for work, and visiting my sister in Wyoming for the beginning of the week, but that means I got to see the best niece and nephew ever and spend a little time taking care of things at home.

Each Thursday, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite things from the week. I’m especially smiling about dinner out with the family on Saturday and my long run on Sunday. Please join in and share something you’re loving this week below!

 Thursday Favorites

  • This Article 


I think it’s so important to remember why we run. We run because we love ourselves and our bodies. This article tells us that it’s hard to take good care of something we hate, but we always take care of things we love. Our bodies are no different.

  • These New Insoles 


The FootBalance rep came to the store today to do some training, and I ended up with a pair of custom insoles. I have trouble finding arch supports that don’t bother me, and these felt pretty darn good! I’m excited to throw them in my boots and maybe even my running shoes. Other runners, have you tried these?

  • This Run. 


Nuf said.

  • This for Dinner. 


When the hubby is away, I always end up eating popcorn for dinner. Good thing he’s not gone too often!

  • Seeing this Pace on the Treadmill.


Don’t expect this to happen often, but it’s good to see myself getting stronger and pushing to new limits. This was really pushing it for me- I’m learning to love that feeling!

  • C9 Running Tights. 


My mom got me these for my birthday, and I’m loving them! They come in lots of fun prints and they fit great. These tights don’t end up sliding off your hips mid-run. I couldn’t find the exact pair online but these are similar.

  • This cat. 


What are you loving this week?



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