Long run playlist and an easy delicious smoothie

Good Morning!

Hoping you had a wonderful, productive weekend, and maybe even found some time for yourself! I got to spend some time with my family and got a good long run in! I also took a little time to make a new playlist for Sunday’s run. I’ve been running consistently with no music for a while now, and it was such a treat to have some new tunes to zone out to.


This playlist has a good mix of pumped up music and just happy upbeat music. I ended up listening to it three times during my 9 miler yesterday! At a 9:45 pace, I was ahead of my planned pace and felt pretty good. I think I may have been slightly dehydrated though, so this week’s main focus is drinking lots of water!


I saw a dead cat on the side of the road during my run, so I had to rush home and make sure Jake was still ok. 🙂 Turns out she’s not only ok, but she has also chosen her political party. Good kitty.


After checking on Jake, I made (yet another) spinach smoothie. I’m hooked on these things.

Blend up:

1 cup water

5 ice cubes

1 banana

1 cup canned pineapple (with juice)

1 handful spinach



Was a wonderful weekend spent with the people and doing the things I love most. Now time to get prepped for the week with cleaning, groceries, and a hike in this 60 degree weather! That’s why I love Mondays- always a fresh start.


Question: Do you listen to music when you run, or go naked?

Have a happy, motivated Monday!



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