Thursday Favorites #3

Hello Everyone!

Happy almost weekend to you! It’s been quite the eventful and painful couple of weeks over here, with a fall on the ice and a slow recovery. But I’m running again now, and happy to back into Marathon training and higher (for me) mileage.

It’s time for Thursday Favorites, where I share some things I’m loving from this week, running related or not. The little things in life can really be the things that keep you going and bring you joy. Please feel free to join the fun and share something you’re loving this week!

Thursday Favorites #3

  • My RUN FAR bracelet! 


I saw this awhile ago and finally decided to get one! This is my all time favorite running mantra and I love the way this bracelet looks. I had it hand stamped by The Run Home on Etsy, and love how it turned out!

  • Popcorn Indiana


Sam brought this home the other week and I couldn’t stay out of it. This natural, low cal Kettlecorn is so delicious! We found it in cinnamon flavor one time, and have yet to find it again, but we’re on the hunt. 🙂

  • Being out of this thing. 


I fell on the ice leaving work Saturday before last, and ended up at Emergicare with a severe bone bruise on my elbow. I thought it was broken for sure by the way it felt, so I’m thankful it wasn’t! I took 2 days off work,and almost 10 days off running. I’ve been out of the sling for 2 days now. My elbow is still very sore and won’t straighten and my miles are nice and slow, but I’m happy to still be training for the June marathon!

  • Rumours Coffee shop and Wine Bar in Rapid City.


We discovered this place last Friday night, and I’m in love. Perfect morning or night spot, local live music, and tree stumps for tables. what could be better? Oh, and it’s named after a Fleetwood Mac album. My favorite band ever. ever. ever.

  • Making friends on the run.


I must give out a cat lady vibe.  It’s like they know that I spend too much time in flannel pajamas.

  • This quote that makes me cry. 


I would dare anyone to train for a marathon and not have it change their life.


What are you loving this week?

What’s your favorite running quote?

Happy running!



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