Thursday run and a great quote.

Mornin’ Ya’ll!

I’d like to start logging my miles on the blog rather than in my fancy running journal.


Different types of runners choose to include different aspect of their runs in their blogs. I include things I think might be important to my performance or how I feel, such as weather or shoes. I usually make a note if i did hills. I add what I ate before my run (during the week this is almost always just green tea, but I make a point to have a light meal or snack before long runs. Basically, I’m sick of writing it down everyday because by hand is so old fashioned and I’m much cooler than that.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Time of day: 6:49 am

Distance: 3.01 miles up and down

Time: 29:48

Pace: 9:53

Shoes: Hoka Huaka

Temp: 39 F

Strength: x

Stretch: Yes

Foam Roll: Yes

Pre run food: Green tea

Sleep: 7 hours

Overall: 6- slower pace due to my arm, persistent side stitch. Maybe try no tea before running?

To all you other morning runners out there-

morning running

Have a great weekend and happy running!



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