Tips for becoming a morning runner and treadmill walking workout.

Happy Monday y’all!

This weekend was filled with lots of fun and family time, but the most exciting part was our new family member.


I am super excited to have a treadmill! I always prefer to run outside, even in snow and rain, but it’s great to have this option when it’s dark out or I just need a change of pace. Thank you to my wonderful husband for supporting my running by carrying it up two flights of stairs. He’s a boss.

I ended up doing my long run on it last night- my first evening run in almost a year. That got me thinking about how I’ve grown to love my morning runs.

Most of my life I’ve been an evening runner. I HATED running in the morning. I was tired, groggy, and crabby on morning runs. Then, about a year and a half ago, I decided to force myself to become a morning runner. I always despised envied those people who jumped out of bed, perky and way to peppy. But I found my nights being filled with work events or I would come home too tired and hungry and skip my run. Not ok. So I did it. I made it a goal to do all my runs in the morning before work for 1 month. I did it, and I loved it. The first few weeks of any routine change are challenging, but I’ve found that I’m more awake all day, rarely skip a workout, can handle stress better, and feel accomplished all day. Also, very importantly, I sleep a lot better. Here’s how I made the change.


Tips for becoming a morning runner: 

1. Don’t hit the snooze. Get up on the first alarm. If you let going back to sleep become an option, you’ll probably choose it. Getting out of bed is the hardest part.

2. Have your running clothes set out the night before. The less work you have to do in the morning, the more likely you are to stick with it. I’ve even been known to sleep in my running clothes.

3. Take 10 minutes for wake up time before you go. This works for me, to know I have a few minutes to have a cup of tea first helps me look forward to waking up.

4. Make a plan. Don’t just tell yourself you’re getting up to run. Have a set goal for your workout, like, “I will run 4 miles,” or “I will run/walk for 30 minutes,” etc.

5. Do it. Don’t this about it so much. 🙂

The rest of the weekend looked like this:

6 beautiful miles.


A good night with the hubby at the Independent Ale House.


Sam and I moved our Valentines Day to this weekend instead, and got the fanciest hotel room I’ve been in. I may have taken two baths in this baby within an 8 hour period. (Hint: I did.)


Off to have a super productive Monday- groceries, meetings, cleaning. But first, a cross training day for me, so I thought I’d try a new treadmill walking workout!




Do you prefer treadmill running or running outside? (Outside)

Are you a morning or evening exerciser? Why? (Morning- lots of reasons, shared above)

Have a motivated monday!


Best long run ever and proper fueling.

Happy lazy Sunday afternoon everyone!

I’m very excited because I just finished the best long run of my life. Reason: no tummy troubles. Every run I’ve ever had over 10 miles includes a very uncomfortable gut during the second half of the run and after. I’m starting to experiment with new fueling options, and todays hydration/fuel really was spot on. Here’s what the run looked like at a glance:


Sunday February 15, 2015

Time of day: 11:41 am

Distance: 11.01 miles on bike path

Time: 1:57:39

Pace: 10:41 (30 seconds per mile slower than my goal marathon pace.)

Shoes: Hoka Huaka (and CEP merino compression socks)

Temp: 45 F

Strength: x

Stretch: Yes

Foam Roll: Yes

Pre run food: Energy bites (2) and Ultima

During run food: 3 Margarita Shot Bloks every 45 minutes, 2 cups water with 1 packet total Ultima

Sleep: 7

Overall: Great! No trouble (small blisters).

I never knew just how key fueling is to our performance as runners. I’m learning that for my stomach, powerade and other sugary “fuel” drinks are a no. Drinks for me need to be strictly for hydration purposes. Ultima is an electrolyte replenisher and provides vitamins and minerals but no sugar or carbs. I’m using other sources for fuel instead, toying with Shot Bloks right now. Anything flavored like a margarita is a win in my book!



The rest of the weekend has been a perfect mix of relaxing, productivity, and chocolate.Friday night I went to a wine and chocolate night at a local art museum. This museum displays beautiful art made by people with mental and physical disabilities. I was blown away by the talent and creativity displayed in so many different ways. Best part: there was a belly dancing show!


I came home after work on Saturday to veggie-filled black bean soup made my thoughtful husband.


You can find the recipe here.

Annnd a fancy chocolate treat for dessert. He said it’s supposed to be the best in the hills. 2 chocolates down, one to go, and I couldn’t agree more.


After dinner, we decided to bite the bullet and go TV shopping. Sam and I have been going without TV for several months now, and it’s been awesome because it allows us to spend time talking, reading, cooking, and getting outside without the TV distracting us. Now, we’ve made good habits of activity, and are ready for some Netflix dates. 🙂 Love that he’s so handy! Cuz I have trouble unfolding a lawn chair.


Also, you know you might have a problem when you’re making a second cup of coffee while finishing the first. Always be prepared.


Now off to enjoy some recovery  Gilmore Girls time and make dinner!


What is your fueling plan for long runs? (Ultima and Shot Bloks)

How many miles did you run this weekend? (16 total, 5 and 11)

Have a great week everyone! Keep running!


Saturday run and the best Valentine

Happy Valentines Day! Sam and I are doing our V-day next Saturday night instead, due to work and schedule conflicts. What better way to start the day of love than with a run? Well, chocolate and sleeping in might be close, but I chose running. Here’s what it looked like:

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Time of day: 6:50 am

Distance: 5.02 miles up and down

Time: 52:59

Pace: 10:33

Shoes: Hoka Huaka

Temp: 25 F

Strength: x

Stretch: Yes

Foam Roll: x

Pre run food: Gu tab. Bad side stitches.

Sleep: 7

Overall: 5- rough run with side stitches today; had to walk several times. But it was foggy and beautiful.


Makes me want to listen to Foggy Day in Londontown. I think I shall do that now.

Happy Valentines Day!




Thursday run and a great quote.

Mornin’ Ya’ll!

I’d like to start logging my miles on the blog rather than in my fancy running journal.


Different types of runners choose to include different aspect of their runs in their blogs. I include things I think might be important to my performance or how I feel, such as weather or shoes. I usually make a note if i did hills. I add what I ate before my run (during the week this is almost always just green tea, but I make a point to have a light meal or snack before long runs. Basically, I’m sick of writing it down everyday because by hand is so old fashioned and I’m much cooler than that.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Time of day: 6:49 am

Distance: 3.01 miles up and down

Time: 29:48

Pace: 9:53

Shoes: Hoka Huaka

Temp: 39 F

Strength: x

Stretch: Yes

Foam Roll: Yes

Pre run food: Green tea

Sleep: 7 hours

Overall: 6- slower pace due to my arm, persistent side stitch. Maybe try no tea before running?

To all you other morning runners out there-

morning running

Have a great weekend and happy running!


Thursday Favorites #3

Hello Everyone!

Happy almost weekend to you! It’s been quite the eventful and painful couple of weeks over here, with a fall on the ice and a slow recovery. But I’m running again now, and happy to back into Marathon training and higher (for me) mileage.

It’s time for Thursday Favorites, where I share some things I’m loving from this week, running related or not. The little things in life can really be the things that keep you going and bring you joy. Please feel free to join the fun and share something you’re loving this week!

Thursday Favorites #3

  • My RUN FAR bracelet! 


I saw this awhile ago and finally decided to get one! This is my all time favorite running mantra and I love the way this bracelet looks. I had it hand stamped by The Run Home on Etsy, and love how it turned out!

  • Popcorn Indiana


Sam brought this home the other week and I couldn’t stay out of it. This natural, low cal Kettlecorn is so delicious! We found it in cinnamon flavor one time, and have yet to find it again, but we’re on the hunt. 🙂

  • Being out of this thing. 


I fell on the ice leaving work Saturday before last, and ended up at Emergicare with a severe bone bruise on my elbow. I thought it was broken for sure by the way it felt, so I’m thankful it wasn’t! I took 2 days off work,and almost 10 days off running. I’ve been out of the sling for 2 days now. My elbow is still very sore and won’t straighten and my miles are nice and slow, but I’m happy to still be training for the June marathon!

  • Rumours Coffee shop and Wine Bar in Rapid City.


We discovered this place last Friday night, and I’m in love. Perfect morning or night spot, local live music, and tree stumps for tables. what could be better? Oh, and it’s named after a Fleetwood Mac album. My favorite band ever. ever. ever.

  • Making friends on the run.


I must give out a cat lady vibe.  It’s like they know that I spend too much time in flannel pajamas.

  • This quote that makes me cry. 


I would dare anyone to train for a marathon and not have it change their life.


What are you loving this week?

What’s your favorite running quote?

Happy running!


Thursday Favorites #2

Happy Almost Friday!

How’s your week going? It’s been a wonderful, sleep-deprived, chocolate for breakfast kind of week for this girl. Got some beautiful 50 degree runs in, lots of good strength training, and some quality time with my best friend, coffee.

It’s time for Thursday Favorites, where I share some things I’m loving this week. Please feel free to chime in with some things you’re loving this week!

  •  No Bake Energy Bites


There are so many energy bite recipes floating around on Pinterest, so I thought I would share mine. I have tweaked a few different ones I’ve found to my liking. All (almost) healthy, a sweet treat, and a perfect way to start the day. I love eating these for breakfast with coffee after a run.


2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats

1 cup natural peanut butter

1 cup milk chocolate chips

1 cup flaxseed meal

2/3 cup honey

Stir to combine. Roll into balls and store in refrigerator. Tough right! 75 calories a pop, and lots of protein and omega-3s!

  •  Friends on Netflix



This has been making my week. Nothing like it.

  • The best niece and nephew on the planet. 


Time with these two people make my heart so happy. They are so kind and sweet and funny. I really am so blessed to be their Auntie Em.

  •  Outside deck time. 


The weather was nice enough for a while this week to sit out and soak up some vitamin D. I have been eating green apples like it’s my job lately.

  •  This 5 miler.  


My Wednesday morning run was 5 miles of 45 degrees, sunrise on the hills, and a stunning sky. Felt strong on all my runs this week, and looking forward to my first double digit run of training this year!

  •  This mug and concept. 



Use each hour wisely. Use hours to make progress toward your goals. Use them to take care of yourself and your body. Use them to feed your faith. Use them to help others. Use them to add color and vibrancy to your own life and the lives of others. Use them.

What are you loving this week?