Thursday Favorites #2

Happy Almost Friday!

How’s your week going? It’s been a wonderful, sleep-deprived, chocolate for breakfast kind of week for this girl. Got some beautiful 50 degree runs in, lots of good strength training, and some quality time with my best friend, coffee.

It’s time for Thursday Favorites, where I share some things I’m loving this week. Please feel free to chime in with some things you’re loving this week!

  •  No Bake Energy Bites


There are so many energy bite recipes floating around on Pinterest, so I thought I would share mine. I have tweaked a few different ones I’ve found to my liking. All (almost) healthy, a sweet treat, and a perfect way to start the day. I love eating these for breakfast with coffee after a run.


2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats

1 cup natural peanut butter

1 cup milk chocolate chips

1 cup flaxseed meal

2/3 cup honey

Stir to combine. Roll into balls and store in refrigerator. Tough right! 75 calories a pop, and lots of protein and omega-3s!

  •  Friends on Netflix



This has been making my week. Nothing like it.

  • The best niece and nephew on the planet. 


Time with these two people make my heart so happy. They are so kind and sweet and funny. I really am so blessed to be their Auntie Em.

  •  Outside deck time. 


The weather was nice enough for a while this week to sit out and soak up some vitamin D. I have been eating green apples like it’s my job lately.

  •  This 5 miler.  


My Wednesday morning run was 5 miles of 45 degrees, sunrise on the hills, and a stunning sky. Felt strong on all my runs this week, and looking forward to my first double digit run of training this year!

  •  This mug and concept. 



Use each hour wisely. Use hours to make progress toward your goals. Use them to take care of yourself and your body. Use them to feed your faith. Use them to help others. Use them to add color and vibrancy to your own life and the lives of others. Use them.

What are you loving this week?


Long run playlist and an easy delicious smoothie

Good Morning!

Hoping you had a wonderful, productive weekend, and maybe even found some time for yourself! I got to spend some time with my family and got a good long run in! I also took a little time to make a new playlist for Sunday’s run. I’ve been running consistently with no music for a while now, and it was such a treat to have some new tunes to zone out to.


This playlist has a good mix of pumped up music and just happy upbeat music. I ended up listening to it three times during my 9 miler yesterday! At a 9:45 pace, I was ahead of my planned pace and felt pretty good. I think I may have been slightly dehydrated though, so this week’s main focus is drinking lots of water!


I saw a dead cat on the side of the road during my run, so I had to rush home and make sure Jake was still ok. 🙂 Turns out she’s not only ok, but she has also chosen her political party. Good kitty.


After checking on Jake, I made (yet another) spinach smoothie. I’m hooked on these things.

Blend up:

1 cup water

5 ice cubes

1 banana

1 cup canned pineapple (with juice)

1 handful spinach



Was a wonderful weekend spent with the people and doing the things I love most. Now time to get prepped for the week with cleaning, groceries, and a hike in this 60 degree weather! That’s why I love Mondays- always a fresh start.


Question: Do you listen to music when you run, or go naked?

Have a happy, motivated Monday!


Thursday Favorites #1

It’s Thursday already! Can’t believe how quickly this week has gone by! It’s been a different kind of week for me, with Sam being out of town quite a bit for work, and visiting my sister in Wyoming for the beginning of the week, but that means I got to see the best niece and nephew ever and spend a little time taking care of things at home.

Each Thursday, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite things from the week. I’m especially smiling about dinner out with the family on Saturday and my long run on Sunday. Please join in and share something you’re loving this week below!

 Thursday Favorites

  • This Article 


I think it’s so important to remember why we run. We run because we love ourselves and our bodies. This article tells us that it’s hard to take good care of something we hate, but we always take care of things we love. Our bodies are no different.

  • These New Insoles 


The FootBalance rep came to the store today to do some training, and I ended up with a pair of custom insoles. I have trouble finding arch supports that don’t bother me, and these felt pretty darn good! I’m excited to throw them in my boots and maybe even my running shoes. Other runners, have you tried these?

  • This Run. 


Nuf said.

  • This for Dinner. 


When the hubby is away, I always end up eating popcorn for dinner. Good thing he’s not gone too often!

  • Seeing this Pace on the Treadmill.


Don’t expect this to happen often, but it’s good to see myself getting stronger and pushing to new limits. This was really pushing it for me- I’m learning to love that feeling!

  • C9 Running Tights. 


My mom got me these for my birthday, and I’m loving them! They come in lots of fun prints and they fit great. These tights don’t end up sliding off your hips mid-run. I couldn’t find the exact pair online but these are similar.

  • This cat. 


What are you loving this week?


New shoes and someone please buy me this.

MY NEW SHOES CAME. No matter how many pairs of running shoes I buy, I always get overly excited about a new pair. What will they feel like? How will they handle the long run? Will I be running on clouds? I dream about this like some ladies dream of their wedding day.

Are you ready? Drum roll please……


The new Brooks Cascadia 10s! Thank you Brooks for hooking me up! And the best part: They’re purple. Winning. Can’t wait to take them for a test drive this week- review will be coming shortly. (Jake can’t resist a photo-op)

Rewind to this morning. Our 3 miler started like this:


and ended like this:


At least we got a little bit of the sunrise in before our run was over. I’ll be honest here. I do love winter running, and it makes me feel like Elsa just a little. But I’m ready for some running shorts and long runs in the DAYLIGHT. They say the daylight is getting longer by 2 minutes every day, but it doesn’t seem like it.

Speaking of Elsa, I’m pretty sure every runner can relate.



Work was rad today for two reasons.

1. New shoes.

2. This.


This firecracker chicken recipe from Chungah at Damndelicious is to drop over dead for. Salty, spicy, sweet. I added pineapple, broccoli, and water chestnuts and served over lo men noodles. You could really add any veggies you wanted and serve over rice, too.

Finally, and most importantly, someone please buy me this.



I love the look of the bracelet over the band like that. Run far has been one of my running mantras for a long time. When the long run gets tough, it’s a quick phrase I can say over and over to remind myself that I can keep going. Some other favorite running mantras of mine are:

1. “Relentless, forward motion”

2. “I can do hard things.” Thank you Janae for this one!

3.”Trust your training.”

4. “I am thankful.”

5. ” __ more miles til margaritas!”

6. “This is what you came for.” -Scott Jurek


1. When you get “rungry,” what do you crave? (I crave potato chips, pineapple, chicken bacon ranch wraps, margaritas, grape juice, fries…..)

2. What’s your favorite running mantra? (Run Far. )

Have a good night!


How to not die in the cold and the Broncos lost.

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a relaxing and fun weekend!

I may be one of the few people on earth who actually likes Mondays. Could it be because I don’t work on Mondays? Nothing better than a day off with cinnamon bread, coffee, and the cat.


Yesterday was busy, relaxing, exciting, and disappointing. First, I have to show you what I wore to church. I have a deep, unhealthy love of thrift stores, and almost everything I wore was purchased at one of my favorite thrift stores in Minneapolis. Score, score score. The mug I’m holding says “Mrs.” and was a wedding gift from one of my Kindergarteners last year. LOVE it.


After church we flew home to get a run in before football. 7 ice cold miles and 9:45 pace. Felt super strong and could’ve kept going. Feels so good to almost knee pain-free and picking up the pace a little. Must have been colder than I thought because my legs were beet red when i got home. 10 degrees still warrants two layers. Noted.


After the run, we headed to some friends’ house to watch the Packers win. Sam bleeds green and gold so it was a successful day for him. Then we proceeded to my moms to watch the Broncos end their season on a low note. I’m a diehard Broncos fan, so I’m glad I got my stress relieving run in before the game.

Having grown up in South Dakota and spent many years in Minnesota, I feel like I’m obligated to share with you some cold weather running tips. With the right gear and attitude, winter runs don’t have to be that life-sucking.



How to not die in the cold:

1. Don’t overdress: Believe it or not, it’s really easy to overdress and end up super sweaty. Dress for 15 degrees warmer than the actual temperature, since you’ll be running and your body will warm up. When you walk out the door, you should feel chilly. If you feel warm, you’ll be uncomfortably warm after the first mile.

2. Shorten your stride: Running on ice and snow can increase your chances of slipping and ending up injured. Be sure to keep your feet right under you when you run. Long strides make it harder to keep control if you do hit a patch of ice.

3. Moisturize and cover your face: I can handle when my legs or arms are a bit chilled, but it’s horribly uncomfortable when your cheeks, nose, and lips are stinging.

I always put on chapstick/vasoline and a deep moisturizing face lotion on before I go on a winter run. I like this one.

Find a way to cover your face. I really like my Buff neck warmer because it can be worn in a million different ways. If i end up not needing it for my face, it can always just be around my neck. They come in so many different colors and styles, too. I have this one and it can be worn in these ways:



4.Change into warm, dry clothes as soon as possible: Your body temp drops significantly post-run, and it’s easy to get very chilly very quickly.

Off to grocery shop and get working on meals for the week! Happy running everyone!


What is your favorite piece of running gear? (Buff!)

What is the average temperature this time of year where you run? (Probably about 10 degrees Farenheit, but often colder.)


Running Goals for 2015

Happy Happy Saturday!


Started our yesterday morning with a FREEZING sunrise run. At a 9:13 pace, It actually was one of my faster 3 mile times, at probably because it was so cold I just wanted to get back home as quickly as possible.

2014 was a year of changes. I moved back to my hometown, switched jobs, got married, and ran my first full marathon.


I am actually hoping that 2015 is slightly less eventful stressful and more fun. I took forever figuring out what I want 2015 to look like, and ended up with a list of running, spiritual, and personal goals.



Running Goals for 2015: 

1. Run the Mickelson Trail Marathon (Deadwood, SD: June 7)

2. Run a half marathon with my awesome-sauce sister.

3. Run the Mankato Marathon (Mankato, MN: October 18)

4. Run 27 miles on my 27th birthday. Hopefully starting a new birthday tradition.

I’m considering tattooing these goals on my forehead so I cannot forget about them. But then my 2016 goal would have to be face tattoo removal, and so I guess I’ll just ask jake to remind me of my goals everyday. I think she can handle the responsibility.



Do you run outside or inside? Why?

What are your goals for 2015?

Have a good weekend!


A few weekend things

Lots of fun happenings this weekend: no work and all play!

Friday night Sam and I partied really hard.


Has anyone played this game? We went to some friends’ house to play it Saturday night. I thought it wasn’t my kind of game at all, but I’ll be darned if I’m not wanting to play it again!

Sunday morning was church and groceries,then dinner prep. We decided to try out Scott Jurek’s Minnesota Winter Chili, since we both finished his awesome book, Eat and Run. The book tells all about his journey to becoming an ultrarunner, and includes fantastic healthy recipes that are great for runners.

eat and run

Chose to use the slow cooker, so we could come back from our long freezing run to some hot chili. This recipe has TONS of colorful veggies!


Once dinner was in the slow cooker, we ventured out to find a runnable trail. It was about 5 degrees and snowing, but the views and company made it worth the drive and the bright red cheeks. Such a winter wonderland!


We ended up with 6 breathtaking miles.


And headed home for some yummy chili! I think chili is one of my favorite post-run meals.


Perfect end to a wintry day!

What’s your favorite time of year to run? Summer for me!

Do you have a favorite post long run meal? Chili 🙂